URBN Presets

URBN Presets

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The Inner-City Urban Preset Pack was inspired by my time spent photographing bloggers & models in New York City, Seattle, San Diego, London, and Paris. You'll find that each of these presets carry their own personality and I hope they help you amplify your branding. They are very special to me and have shown me that creativity and character are everywhere you look!

Preset 1 | NYC

Fortune favours the bold and there are said to be lots of bold types in New York City. This preset is filled with sharpness and contrast. It is moody and offers a vibrant punch of colours, while maintaining a strong neutral vibe.

Preset 2 | Seattle

The Seattle preset is filled with cool and rich warm tones at the same time. With a hint of desaturation, this palette offers the perfect look for a consistent instagram feed or branding strategy. Think coffee shop vibes!

Preset 3 | San Diego

A generally neutral palette that plays off of the tans, browns, and blues. Washes out the harsh shades and filled images with a peachy tone. Great for beach shots, desert settings, and travel stories! 

Preset 4 | London

Brown and moody for the busiest city in Europe. These tones accentuate the greens, browns, and blues. Use this for architecture shots, downtown street-style images, and even rooftops!

Preset 5 | Paris

A gritty black & white that screams Paris. I think back to a little old man sitting outside at a tiny corner coffee shop with his espresso cup in hand. To me, Paris will always be b&w.

For Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, 6, 5 & 4. Based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile and designed to work with RAW files.  Set contains Five Color Presets in total. Prices in US Currency. 

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Please note that these presets are intended for RAW images in Adobe Lightroom. Sales are final. Please download link within 24 hours of receiving it, as it will auto-delete. Thank you!